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We caught them red handed, we have investigated 10 different purchases to find that they are a shill company. If a customer calls BBA reman and asks for a part the "Angela" on the phone is searching eBay for the item. If they find it they process the sale at 100's of dollars more. The fraud is the claim that they are "remanufacturing" the part. We have received parts from them that had the markings of eBay sellers that we contacted... guess... Read more

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I was looking for a ABS module for a Toyota truck that NOBODY else had during my extensive search, They claimed to have it. They took my money- without even asking for an Email address for confirmation receipt. I called 4 days later to find that "There was a problem locating it". I asked "When will you get back to me? Andrea said- "Maybe Thursday--I am off two days." I asked for a refund. She said 14 to 30 days. I have called my credit card... Read more

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Sent in a bsi unit from focus after 2 weeks said they could fix it £200 then recived it with still same fault (no central locking) called them back they said oh send it back we will look at it again and after another 2 weeks still nothing so i contacted them to be told oh i thought that you had sent us the unit for a refund and it is scrap! Err no that unit is coded to my car and i need it back !? after that it was returned i fitted it back on... Read more

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They made all of the promises over the phone that I wanted to hear but as soon as they had my part it went from bad to worse! Firstly, told it would take 3 days - after a week no news, not even a phone call. Tried to call them only to be fobbed off my young morons time and time again promising to call back but never did. Then told it wasn't possible to fix and tried to sell me another at MORE than dealer cost! I took as was told it was coded... Read more

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Do not use the this company.Terrible customer service lost my abs pump.It took 10 working days to admit this.Requested a refund for the labour that had been carried out on the car.Iv been taking to the manger Mathew baumhauer who is full of lies and tell me he will call me back a number of times.AVOID AT A COSTS

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I NAV unit from my 2006 Acura TL was sent to BBA Manufacturing in Taunton, MA from an auto body shop doing a crash repair. The NAV would ask for the lock code every time I turned on the car. BBA took the NAV unit and repaired it for $570 billed to my insurance. 3 months later, the NAV unit is doing the same thing that it was before the crash. I return the NAV unit to BBA for its lifetime warranty. BBA takes the NAV for over a week and tells... Read more

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I need a new ECM for 1993 Dodge 5.9 Cummins diesel Pickup, automatic. I called BBA and gave them the part number. I was told non available. When I mentioned this part has been difficult to find. The lady said I will call you back. She called back and said Oh we 3found one we have a rebuilt, with a lifetime warranty from one of our world wide locations. The price is $825.00 Och. Plus a $100.00 core charge. That's three times the going price.... Read more

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sent fiesta steering column to be repaired that failed so they sent a manufactured one that after 5 hour labour bill the ABS brakes jammed just on the test drive,cost 100 to get the car recovered then 100 for ford to diagnose that the column has wrong chassis number in and has not been coded correctly!!!10 phone calls and 4 emails with no reply what so ever! evn 2 sent to the CEO! no one wants to take responsibility for the cost of removal to... Read more

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The control panel for our Volkswagen Golf car was sent to BBA Reman for testing when it failed to start. The carriers United Parcel Services who were supposed to send it back lost it. BBA Reman refused to accept responsibility for the loss although they did make a claim against the carriers for the loss. We did not receive a single penny of refund although replacement parts and coding cost between £500-£1000 at a nearby Volkswagen dealer... Read more

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My interaction with bba reman was extremely positive! They emailed a shipping label which i used. The day my part arrived at bba they alerted me by email. They sent an email to let me know when they were starting work on my part. They called me when the work on my part was completed. This was the day after my part arrived at bba! I gave them my credit card info via the phone and got my part three days later. They had neglected to include the... Read more

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