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They are the best,,,, Great work,,, Better prices,,, On time,., Cant say enough,,, Add comment

I sent a r129 Roof controller after being enticed by £295 refurb on eBay - after 2 days I got a call from pleasant lady who informed me after swapping our EEPROM and a few other components - the unit was not repairable and I had the option of having it returned (less a£35 engineer fee and ship[ping) and then I could buy an alternative for £750+VAT. this was twice the going rate so I declined.... Read more

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As a garage owner I have used Bba reman numerous times and recommended to others I sent my instrument cluster to Bba reman to have the common failures of gauges on my audi TT It failed again after first repair with 8 weeks they repaired it again so say still didn't seem quite right . But within 3 months it failed again but worst than before I had the electronics double checked by auto electrician... Read more

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A truck that wouldn't start was brought to my shop. I suspected the engine ECU, and shipped it to BBA for testing. After about a week, they called and said nothing was wrong with it, charged me $100, and sent it back to me. Believing that their diagnosis was true, I spent many hours trying to find out what else the problem might be. In the end, I installed a different ECU, and the truck started... Read more

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I have a 20k mile 2003 ZO6 Corvette, I had replaced the battery and my ABS light came on. I took to my local Chevy dealer, it needed an ABS module?? $1800 p&l, I found online a company called BBA ran the manufacturing code and said they could rebuild it for $225 + s/h, great. I sent it on 3/30/09 priority with insurance, got a call on 4/7 unit rebuilt... Read more

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